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Personal Trainer Certification: 5 Things You Can Do NOW to Prep for Fall Classes

Fall is just around the corner, and that means back to school for kids and grownups alike. If you have been thinking of getting your personal trainer certification, now is the time to sign up for fall personal trainer courses! If you are already enrolled, don’t wait for the first day of class to dive in.

Here are 5 things you can start doing today, to set yourself up for certification success:

  1. Hit the Gym: Leaning into your own workout is a great way to get your head in the game. Do some mental role playing to think about how you would explain each exercise to a new client. Think about the science beneath the surface as you do cardio or lift weights.
  1. Pay Attention: While at the gym, take time to observe. Watch other members and evaluate their exercise technique. Pay attention to gym regulars and learn new exercises. Observe personal trainers in action as they work with clients.
  1. Crack Open Your Textbook: There is a lot more to personal training than just exercise. You need to understand core scientific principles and how they apply to programming. Reading up before class will help you grasp the challenging stuff as it is presented.
  1. Access Other Resources: If reading isn’t your thing, search for key concepts online. YouTube has thousands of videos featuring everything from exercises, to workout tips, to science. Kahn Academy is an amazing free resource that breaks down scientific principles in an easy-to-understand way.
  1. Start Spreading the Word: It’s never too early to build a client base. Tell your friends and family about your plans for an exciting new fitness career. Start searching the web for fitness trainer jobs. Talk to prospective employers about internship opportunities. Begin planning for your future today!

Ready, Set, Grow!

If you are looking for the best personal trainer certification, W.I.T.S. tops them all. After completing the course, our graduates are ready to walk into fitness trainer jobs across the United States and start making money.

Benefits of a W.I.T.S. Personal Trainer Certification include:

  • Live classes at local colleges and universities
  • Qualified faculty with actual industry experience
  • Hands-on labs to prepare you for personal trainer jobs nationwide
  • NCCA accredited curriculum
  • Dozens of continuing education courses to keep you growing in your career

What are you waiting for? Join our W.I.T.S. family of fitness professionals and start living your dream!

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1 thought on “Personal Trainer Certification: 5 Things You Can Do NOW to Prep for Fall Classes

  1. I’m 67, but I’ve been involved with Fitness for eons.
    I’d like to get an up to date degree

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