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Carpe Momentum: Four Ways to Make the Most of New Year’s Resolutions

Gearing Up for Fiscal Success

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The onset of January often marks a downward trend for many businesses. At a time when holiday spending fatigue sets in for consumers, retailers and service providers prepare to regroup and strategize for the coming year. But January is often the most lucrative month for the fitness industry. Holiday weight gain, stress and a determination to make a fresh start drive many individuals to commit to healthier lifestyle practices. As a fitness professional, you can seize the momentum of New Year’s resolutions and build your client base for a successful new year.

1. Be the Early Bird

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While others are taking a breather from holiday madness, you can make the most of the collective mindset that fuels new year’s resolutions. The first weeks in January are when most potential clients are ready to take action. Now is the time to plan, set goals and hit the ground running. How much do you want to make this year, and how many client’s or sessions will it take to make that happen? Do the math, and map out a game plan that will propel you toward your goal. New clients gained in January can carry you well into the new year.

2. Get Your Message Out

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Social media provides an inexpensive and effective platform to market yourself as a fitness professional. Create eye-catching memes and short video clips that inspire. Keep your audience in mind. Who is your target market, and what will spark them to like, share and follow your posts? If you work in a gym, show up early and stay late. Get out from behind the comfort zone of the trainers’ desk and talk to new members as they walk on the treadmill. Be on the lookout for members who seem lost, and provide free exercise guidance and advice. You never know who you will reach with a friendly, helpful and open approach.

3. Offer a Jump Start Special


Limited time offers for inexpensive sessions can be the ticket for attracting new clients who are still reeling from excess holiday spending. A great strategy is a buddy package, where two train for the price of one, sharing the same session. Or offer one month of free sessions when two additional months are purchased at the regular price. A discounted rate for mid-morning and mid-afternoon sessions can help you fill holes in your schedule, making your days more productive.

4. Build On Your Existing Success

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Your existing client base can be a goldmine of referrals and testimonials. Offer them a free session when they introduce a new client, or when they sing your praises on social media. And don’t forget your former dropouts. Old clients who stopped training are often eager to regain the benefits lost after they quit. Get on the phone or send out an email blast and make them an offer they can’t refuse. They will be flattered that you remember them, and happy to hear what you have to offer!


While you’re busy plotting your business strategy for the new year, do not forget to include professional development and continuing education in your fiscal game plan. W.I.T.S. has dozens of quality course options to keep you up to date on the latest fitness trends, and to help move your career forward. Visit our Fitness Business Institute, or beef up your credentials with additional certifications in Group Exercise, Older Adult Fitness or Fitness Management. Investing in professional growth lets your clients and others know that you are in it to win it in the New Year!

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