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Exercises To Improve The Body And Mind Of Your Clients

A good personal trainer is the one that can help clients destress and relax in addition to improving their physical health. Most personal trainers make workout plans that include one or more destressing exercises, or they recommend exercises that offer the benefits of both; physical training and mental relaxation.

As a result, clients are more likely to see better results faster. In addition, certified personal trainers also allocate days where clients focus on mental relaxation without any physical exercise. This guide will help you learn about some exercises that work on your client’s mind and body and make them feel refreshed.

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Swimming isn’t necessarily done in the gym, but trainers can recommend it to their clients. Swimming offers many benefits for the mind and body. The most important health benefit of swimming is that it improves the cardiovascular health of your clients and allows them to increase their endurance.

Moreover, swimming also relaxes these muscles and improves mobility for people with weak bones or joints. Other than that, the rhythmic movements during swimming and focused breathing also strengthen the mind and improve the health of brain cells, which in turn improves brain function and increases focus.

However, you need to keep in mind the physical capabilities of your clients before you recommend swimming to them.


Cycling can be done in the gym and outside, depending on your client’s needs. However, it’s generally recommended to cycle outside to improve mental health. Cycling outdoors allows the body to take in the fresh air that allows better oxygen absorption in the brain. Not just that, but the actual activity of cycling improves the lungs as well as the cardiovascular health of your client.

It’s also great for the knees and other joints and helps relieve pain. Moreover, being outsides distracts the brain and helps it destress, which is one of the main goals. As a personal trainer, you can select a specific day of the week for your client to go cycling before or after working out.


Yoga is probably the most popular way of relaxing while working out. It was designed in such a way to help the body release stress while maintaining physical fitness. A well-balanced yoga session can not only destress your clients but can also improve their fitness levels. However, the kind of yoga postures your clients can do depends on their physique, flexibility, and endurance.

If your client is less flexible, you can’t recommend demanding poses because it’ll have the opposite effects instead of relaxing them. Another thing you can do is teach your clients meditation. Meditation allows your brain to release stress, absorb more oxygen, and improve functionality by utilizing different breathing techniques.


Pilates is a workout form that targets core strength and flexibility. It’s a good workout for people who want to improve their endurance and focus while releasing stress. Additionally, the workout also focuses on different breathing techniques to keep the body relaxed.

As a personal trainer, you’ll need certification to train clients for Pilates, but you can bypass that by hiring a professional Pilates instructor to teach your clients. Moreover, your clients don’t need to do Pilates regularly, as is the case with yoga and other workouts. You’ll have time to continue your regular workout routines without stressing about them too much.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation is a special technique designed to release stress and improve the muscles in the body. The exercises involve periodic tensing and relaxation of specific muscles one at a time throughout the body. Generally, the tensing period lasts for about 5 to 10 seconds, and then there’s an equal amount of break time to relax the muscles before repeating the process.

The relaxation process generally starts from the muscles in the feet and legs and then gradually moves upwards towards the neck and shoulder muscles. The whole process releases built-up tension in the muscles while breathing relaxes the brain. After finishing the exercise, it’s recommended to continue the rhythmic breathing for another 10 minutes.


Jogging and running are a few activities that target your entire body and strengthen your brain. Depending on the physical capabilities of your clients, you can recommend either jogging or running. The exercise strengthens your joints and prevents premature muscle or bone damage. Not just that, but running also targets your leg muscles and tones them.

On the other hand, it also increases the oxygen absorption in your brain and bloodstream, which improves cardio health and the health of your brain cells. The act of running also allows the mind to get rid of unwanted thoughts and focus on running. You can get your clients to start running by starting them with brisk walking, then jogging, and then running.

Outdoor Exercise Sessions

Location plays an important role in helping clients release stress after a tough week. Outside, surrounded by nature, is the best place to get your clients to relax their minds without changing their workout routine. This is great for those clients that are following a tough fitness target and can’t afford any delays. A park near your fitness studio is an ideal sport to bring the clients closer to nature and fresh air.

Moreover, this also improves your client’s mood and helps their brain release happy chemicals, which improves their overall health. However, you need to develop specific workout plans that don’t use any exercise machine or equipment for working out outside.

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