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How Personal Trainers Can Generate Business Via Viral Trends

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Marketing a fitness business these days isn’t as straightforward as before. You need to get creative to get clients and boost your business. That’s why relying on old-school marketing methods isn’t going to do anything. The best way to find new clients is by using social media and creating a presence there

But social media is also too crowded nowadays, so what you can do to increase your reach and get more clients is create content that tends to go viral. You don’t need to create worldwide hype; the content only needs to be good enough to penetrate the fitness market.

If you successfully execute a viral marketing campaign, you’ll see a boost in your followers and clients. Here’s all you need to know about viral trends in the fitness world.

Apart from that, if you want to increase your customer reach, try specializing in one of the several fitness niches. W.I.T.S Education has a list of fitness training courses you can take.

What Are Viral Trends?

If you’re an avid social media user, you must have come across the term ‘viral trend.’ Viral content is anything that spreads on social media rapidly. It can be related to anything, whether it’s fitness or beauty. Usually, the content becomes viral when numerous people share it in a short amount of time.

However, these viral trends don’t last long enough. Typically, they can remain relevant for up to a few months, depending on their popularity. But these trends can be used to increase the following and reach. As a personal trainer, a single viral video can significantly boost your business.

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How Can You Create A Viral Social Media Trend?

Share Your Story

You might be surprised to find that not all viral content has a fun element. Sometimes, there are viral stories of people who achieved their dreams or something else that’s significant. As a fitness trainer, you want your clients to trust your skills to appear more credible.

You can share your journey and passion that will resonate with your audience. You can talk about anything in your story, but keeping it engaging and short is the key point. No one wants to watch long boring videos. Ideally, the video should be under 1 minute so it can catch the audience’s attention and doesn’t bore them. You can even add some nice background music to make the story more sentimental.

Create A Fun Yet Impactful Workout

Fitness is one of the most popular searches on social media. People who do not have the time and resources to hire trainers or join a gym look for workout videos online. You can create fun and informational short workout videos that target these audiences and get them to signup for your online training sessions.

But keep in mind that the videos should be engaging and include workouts that people could follow without guidance. Otherwise, your campaign won’t be successful. Moreover, difficult workouts would suggest to the potential audience that you prefer clients with some fitness experience. The best way to keep the video short and engaging is by picking two or three workouts and explaining them in great detail.


Some people with certain medical issues are hesitant to join a fitness program even though they are perfectly capable of working out. These people also have many unanswered questions that add to their hesitations. You can schedule live streams and Q&A sessions to answer common questions your potential clients may have.

The streams should also be short so that you can direct the audience to your courses or website without making them wait too long. Ideally, short 30-minute Livestream sessions are ideal to answer the most asked questions. In the end, you can talk about your online or in-person training program and guide people on how to enroll.

Fitness Challenges

One of the most popular social media trends is challenges. If you’re an avid social media user, you’ll come across a new challenge at least once a day. These challenges are specifically designed to promote a brand or a specific product. Challenges grab the audience’s attention because they can be difficult, fun, or even ridiculous.

Either way, the business gets a lot of promotions. With fitness, the rules are slightly different. You can create workout challenges that make the viewers feel enthusiastic. Because that’s the only way they’ll participate in it. The challenges can be a 7-day power workout, a 1-month toning challenge, or anything else that offers good results in the end.

After completing the challenge, your viewers can send you videos of their journey, and you can post them on your social media. This will make your business seem more human and approachable. And seeing the viewer’s journey would compel others to use your services.

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Fitness Vlogging

Sometimes a few longer videos can become viral, too, given that the contents are engaging and informative. For fitness, vlogging is a great way to give viewers additional information about different fitness techniques and workouts.

Vlogging allows potential clients a glimpse into your life, how you work, and if you’re suitable enough for them. The right workout and video will greatly increase your special media presence. But you should only make a vlog if you have enough followers that share the content.

Moreover, your vlog should be based on social media posts with the most engagements. If you create something that no one wants, you won’t bet a lot of traction on it.

Fitness Gear Reviews

The right fitness gear is quite important for those who work out at home. But the market is filled with companies claiming to sell the best fitness gear. If a certified fitness trainer like you promotes a product, it’ll surely get the viewer’s attention.

It will also be a good opportunity to promote your business by partnering with a brand because it’ll open more revenue channels for your business. On top of that, you can offer exclusive discounts to your customers via your partnership. The discounts will attract more viewers and will ultimately increase your business.

Additional Knowledge Of Diet And Health

Fitness isn’t just limited to working out; maintaining a healthy diet is also crucial. Fitness trainers have a better grasp of the kind of meals people should include in a healthy diet. You can use this knowledge and share quick and healthy recipes for people on a tight schedule. Remember to recommend ingredients that aren’t that expensive and hard to find.

Moreover, the video should be concise and informative. An even better idea would be to create a series of short videos instead of a big one that includes all parts of a healthy meal, from the shopping to the cooking and portion sizes. You can even share healthy eating tips to help people overcome bad eating habits.

Whatever It Is, Keep It Short

You can think of other forms of viral content that might be relevant to the fitness world, such as online events or giveaways. However, whatever you choose to do, it should be kept short and engaging. If your videos are too long or complicated, the viewers will lose interest.

On the other hand, if they are too long and filled with fitness jargon, viewers will get confused, and you’ll lose several potential customers. Moreover, it shouldn’t be offensive to anyone because that can create the opposite effect, and your campaign will get negative publicity.

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Marketing Tactics You Can Use To Increase Viewership

Besides viral trends, you can use other marketing tactics to organically grow your audience and business. These tactics don’t show instant results and take a bit of time before you can see the results. But in the long run, these tactics are beneficial in accumulating a loyal brand following. Here are some of the easiest social media marketing tactics you can make use of.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are social media celebrities that have a huge following. They also influence their followers spending patterns. This is why brands use influencers to promote their product. However, when it comes to fitness, you should look for fitness influencers who know the fitness industry.

You can enter a partnership with them by making collaborative videos, posts that highlight your business, and even shout out on their channels. That way, their followers will learn about your business and services and might even join your programs.

Moreover, you can also post videos and photos with popular fitness influencers and tag them to increase your content’s reach. Combined with the social media algorithm, a collaboration with an influencer will help you penetrate deeper into the market.

Targeted Ads

Targeted ads are sponsored posts that appear on the user’s feed according to their activity. Suppose a social media user is into fitness and regularly interacts with fitness-related content on the platform. They’ll get target fitness ads, which happens because of the social media algorithm that tracks user behaviors to tailor the platform to their liking.

If you use the right hashtags and content, your ads can reach your target audience. This mitigates the interaction with non-users who aren’t interested in fitness. Moreover, you can further personalize these targeted ads by categorizing our services so that the ads can reach users looking for potential services.

Special Posts

Special posts are those that highlight something unique offered by your business. You can do several special posts to reach your targeted audience for fitness. For example, you can offer discounts on your online and offline training sessions, conduct free boot camps, or offer 1 month free trial period.

Special posts highlight only one particular offer and use hashtags related to it so that users can find it easily. Moreover, if you’re holding an event, you can also create a special post for that. The user engagement metrics of that post will tell you beforehand whether the event will be successful.

If the engagement is less than what you desired, you can add something else to catch the audience’s attention, such as discount codes or coupons for businesses you’re collaborating with.

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Online Events

Holding an offline event to create hype around your business requires a lot of resources and time. Not to mention that if the event doesn’t have the expected turnover, you’ll lose money. On the other hand, an online event is free from such constraints and can be attended by multiple people. It doesn’t need any physical space or a budget.

For online events, you can host live workout sessions or Q&A sessions, or even specialized training sessions that will get the viewers interested in signing up for your services. Besides that, online events can also be centered around giveaways, allowing you to collaborate with other businesses and get a chance to reach their clients.

Client Testimonials

Another great way to market your business on social media is by showcasing client testimonials. If a client is satisfied with your service, you can ask them to leave a review on your website. You can then display the testimonial on your social media channels to prove the effectiveness of your services.

Additionally, you can collaborate with one of your long-term clients and ask them to do a Q&A session to highlight their journey and how your fitness services helped them transform their physique. This way, your brand reach will increase, and people will consider your services authentic. Moreover, including clients gives your business a human feel and shows that the client is valued.

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