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Important Tips for Managing Clients via Online Personal Training


While it’s easier to manage clients in person and keep them updated on their progress, things are not as smooth in online training. Many personal trainers struggle to manage their clients because of their lack of experience and use of proper tools. A lot of clients switch fitness trainers when they’re unsatisfied with their services. On top of that, you need a direct line of communication between you and the client. This is especially difficult if you’re training a group of people. The lack of time and the number of people make it difficult for you to get one-on-one time with your clients.

Client management software is the best option to maintain a good service and keep your clients happy. You can purchase different software to manage different tasks, or you can get software that offers all the services in one bundle. Keep reading to find out how you can better manage your clients during online training sessions.

What Is Client Management Software?

A client management software is an application that is responsible for keeping track of each of your clients needs and progress. Management software is different; some only manage one aspect of your business, others can manage everything from client signup to payments. However, that doesn’t mean that these bundled applications are best for your business. You need to pick services that offer value in maintaining a good relationship with your clients.

That means sometimes you need to invest in different applications to ensure that your services would run smoothly. Client management systems cater to different needs of the business; they can be used for marketing, sales, communication, and even to analyze client data.

Tips On Managing Online Clients

There’s no clear-cut formula for having the best client management system; you need to perfect your business by means of trial and error. Figure out which things worked best for you and your clients and change those that didn’t. The best thing is that a lot of management software applications come with trial periods, so you can essentially try them out before paying for them. That’ll help you perfect your service without spending a lot of money. Here are a few important things you should keep in mind when setting up your online training business.

Be Organized And Prepare Ahead

The most overlooked aspect of any business is being organized. A lot of times, clients visit websites that are cluttered, and the services are all over the place. This confuses the clients, and they’re more likely to not signup for your training programs no matter how good you are. SO the most important thing is to present your services in an organized manner that clients can access easily.

As your business starts to grow, so will the number of clients visiting your online training. You can create day-to-day tasks and checklists for them to help them out, or you can make use of multiple automating applications to ensure that all of your services run smoothly.

Invest In A Training Software

Many trainers think that for online training sessions, they only need to incorporate a video hosting service on their platform, but that’s not true. Once you start rolling out content, you’ll need to keep in mind a number of factors, such as the timeline, the user engagement, any bugs or crashes, and an interface where clients can access your content at their convenience. You’ll quickly realize that just uploading a video isn’t enough.

Online content management software offers the options of editing, managing, and improving your training videos. For example, you can shoot a video, edit it, upload it, and then monitor the client engagement. The software also allows client feedback that’ll help you improve your content further.

Automate The Signup Process

The easier your signup process is, the more clients you’ll gain. Clients usually don’t continue the signup process if it involves a lot of steps or is overly confusing. Latest signup automation applications are making it easier for people to sign up for training lessons. They do this by breaking the signup process into sections instead of making it long and arduous. Once the client passes through the basic signup process, then this automated software takes them through a questionnaire or checklists to finalize their membership.

Create An Automated Checklist For Clients

According to each client’s workout routine or training, there is software that can create automated checklists for them, and you and the client can even monitor them to keep track of the progress. The process involves you making different checklists for different purposes, and the automated software will assign a checklist to the client based on their information and progress. These checklists can comprise the entire training session from videos, diets, feedback, and reviews, or they can cater to one aspect of the training.

Allow A Direct Line Of Communication

This is the most important thing that a lot of personal trainers forget. Clients should be able to reach their trainers for questions easily, no matter how big the business is. It’s obvious that personal trainers don’t wish to be contracted outside of work and would not share their personal contact information. A communications management software will be handy in this situation. These applications create a chat feature on the website that the client can use. The chats can send a notification to the client’s and the trainer’s emails once one person has initiated or replied to the chat.

Create A Seamless Payment System

This is the most important thing; trainers and clients are both scared of being scammed, that’s why they prefer safe and secure payment methods. Normally, credit and debit cards are used to pay for online training sessions, but new payment methods include using e-wallets. Trainers can create business accounts on these e-wallet services and accept payments hassle-free. These wallets also offer tools that analyze your income and spending so you can keep track of your revenue.

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