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Popular Trends Of Group Exercise Training

As the pandemic is slowly coming to an end and things are getting back to normal, people are a lot more eager to meet others and carry out activities in groups. When it comes to fitness, studies show that training with a group has better results, and since fitness studios and gyms are opening up again, group fitness training is once again in demand. Group fitness training allows people with similar fitness goals to learn and train together. To do this, fitness trainers need classes that cater to the needs of people with similar health and fitness requirements. If you’re interested in entering the group fitness niche, this blog will brief you on it.

How Does Group Exercise Training Work?

Group fitness training doesn’t refer to a particular form of training; instead, it includes different types of training done in a group setting. This training can be anything from yoga, aerobics, to even crash training. These trainings are a bit more generalized, meaning that the instructors don’t focus on individual training that much.

However, they do track the progress of each participant to ensure that everyone is at the same level. The main reason why group exercise training is so popular is that in a group setting, people tend to train better. There are friendly competitions that urge the participants to work harder and push their limits.

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Popular Trends Of Group Exercise Training

Digital Fitness

For people with demanding jobs and busy schedules, making time to hit the gym can be hard. However, they can sign up for online fitness programs to achieve their fitness goals. The problem with online fitness is that the lack of a professional environment decreases the motivation level of the clients and they take longer to achieve their desired results.

These days digital group training has become quite popular in which people from different regions take part in the same online fitness class and work out together virtually. These types of classes are great for business because they don’t require any physical location or any equipment.

Outdoor Fitness Training

Most outdoor fitness training is done in groups. People like working out in the fresh air in the morning. This style of working out also has a lot of health benefits besides fitness. For example, your body absorbs plenty of vitamin D, the fresh air cleanses your body, and the outdoor setting is great for mental peace.

These are all the benefits a regular indoor fitness studio might not offer. Not to mention, when working out outdoors, there’s no need for special equipment and you can run your classes without investing a lot of capital.

Group Yoga

Group yoga is a form of yoga where the participants of a class work together to form yoga poses. Since yoga is a bit hard to master, these group training classes are perfect for people to learn. That’s because the participants help each other out to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Not to mention the instructor also progresses the class slowly to ensure each participant is learning properly.

In some cases, instructors combine yoga and Pilates and offer combo classes so clients can yield better results. Moreover, group classes teach clients to be patient and progress as a group since patience is a basic principle of yoga.

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Senior Fitness

These days, it’s not just young people that are interested in fitness, but senior citizens are also trying to remain fit and active. This has given rise to a whole new industry in the fitness world related to senior fitness. Group exercises are a crucial part of senior fitness. That’s because senior citizens are different in physical health compared to young adults, and that’s why they can’t do intense 101 training. Group exercises offer them a unique chance to better their physical health without straining their body too much.

Besides that, the classes also offer an opportunity to senior citizens to socialize with the same age group, something that is hard for them to do otherwise. These classes are designed to ensure that all the participants, regardless of their health and medical needs, can easily exercise without any issues.

Youth Fitness

Youth fitness is another popular form of group training. It is similar to senior fitness training, except, instead of senior citizens, the classes are for children. These children are mostly around the ages of 9 to 12. Youth fitness ensures that the upcoming generation has good health and that they are physically active in this digital era.

When it comes to designing group classes for youth, they can be based on several different things. For example, stretching, running, engaging in sport activities, or even yoga.

High-Impact Workouts

High-impact workouts are a great way to lose fat, gain muscle mass, and achieve a leaner body. However, these workouts are quite demanding and can easily lead to burnouts or muscle fatigue. Not to mention, clients usually lose motivation easily and don’t continue with the workouts. That’s why offering groups classes for high-impact workouts is the best way forward.

When working within a group, people tend to get a bit competitive and this increases their motivation levels. Additionally, in groups, people are more likely to try out harder workouts than they would normally.

Exercise class in the gym

If you’re a fitness trainer looking to expand your expertise, check out W.I.T.S Education. W.I.T.S is a training institute that offers various certifications in the fitness domain. Some of these certifications include group exercise instructor course, youth fitness training course, and senior fitness instructor course. For those who run their own fitness studios, W.I.T.S offers courses for fitness management as well.

All of the courses at the institute are accredited by the NCCA and allow college students to earn credit. Moreover, the courses are hybrid with online classes and practical in-person training in labs located all over North America. These labs are designed to give students hands-on practical knowledge.

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