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Promote your Professionalism with Digital Badges!

Pathway of Professionalism

You chose a fitness career because you have a passion for fitness and believe it is your chosen pathway to help others. But passion is not enough to establish yourself as a professional and to create a sustainable career. You need to ground yourself in sound business practices and professional growth in order to build and sustain a life-long legacy for yourself and your family. One exciting new way to establish your professional standing in the fitness industry is to display your Digital Badges.

Badge of Honor

A Digital Badge is an earned icon that tells the world that you take your career seriously. It is a constant reminder to the public that you are in it to win it as a fitness professional. Your Digital Badge is both an honor and a proclamation that you revere and practice the highest professional standards. When you display your Digital Badge, it adds credibility and reminds your clients and customers that they are working with the best in the business.

Spread the Word

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There are countless ways in which you can use your Digital Badge to grow your business. Display it prominently on your webpage and on your marketing materials. Include it on your business cards and add it to your email signature tag. Include it on all of your social media posts and blogposts. Embellish your resume or CV with your Digital Badge, and include it in cover letters to potential employers. Your Digital Badge tells the world that you are Certified, qualified and dedicated to excellence!


We at W.I.T.S. are proud of our professionals, and we are here to support your growth and professional development with state of the art Certifications and Continuing Education courses. If you don’t yet have your Digital Badge, what are you waiting for? Visit our Digital Badge page and get the ball rolling! If you need more credentials, add a new Certification, or expand your professionalism by visiting our Fitness Business Institute. We highly recommend the courses, Establishing Your Brand and Image; Developing Relationships; Finding Customers; or any of our other great business success courses! To enhance your presence on Social Media, check out our numerous courses about Social Media Marketing.

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