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Safe Today Healthy Tomorrow!

May is Older American’s Month and this year’s theme is “SAFE TODAY HEALTHY TOMORROW!” W.O.W.! What an perfect match for the fitness industry and Personal Trainers, Lifestyle Wellness Coaches, and Group Exercise Instructors who work with older clients! Actually, it has application for those working with clients at any age!! By keeping safe (and preventing illness and injury) we can enjoy a healthy, long, independent life!

In previous blog posts, I shared with you some of the health challenges my mom is facing as she approaches her 70th birthday. It’s clear to see that so many of these problems could have been reduced, delayed, and possibly even prevented—had she lived a “safer” and healthier lifestyle in her younger years.

Her current challenges include:
Severe back pain: Which could have been prevented with exercise, strengthening her core, proper ergonomics, proper shoes.
COPD: Which could have been prevented if she hadn’t been a smoker (she did quit!!) and participated in cardiovascular exercise.
Heart disease: Which could have been prevented/delayed if she had a regular routine of exercise and ate a healthier diet.
Osteoporosis: Which could have been prevented/delayed if she participated in weight bearing exercise.

W.O.W. Had she lived a “safer” life in her younger years, I imagine her quality of life now would be much improved.

What has been your experience with working with older adults? What are some ways you have been able to motivate your older clients to make the necessarily lifestyle changes, live safer, and enjoy greater health and independence?

To learn more about Older Americans Month and tips on how you can help older clients live safer and healthier lives, visit:

Also, be sure to check out W.I.T.S. Online classes: Older Adult Fitness Foundations and Exercise Program Design for Special Populations! These classes will help you better understand the physiological and psychological issues that your older clients may be experiencing. Get your CECs at your convenience—from your home or office—-24/7!!!


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