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Sales would be the easiest job in the world, if everyone said “yes”

But they don’t say yes. They say no, not today, nah and then no again. They will typically say no up to 3-4 times before finally saying yes. It is your job as a Personal Trainer to get them to that yes and earn yourself a new client. They are even 50 pounds overweight with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and are pre-diabetic but yet they still continue to not hire your services as a personal trainer. Why you ask?

Because they are procrastinators. They need you but you can’t get them to say yes.  You back down too early. You’re not sales savvy enough yet. You tip-toe around the real issues. You get a good “vibe” from them so they’re bound to enroll. But nope, they don’t. And when they start to object you accept the “I want to think about it” and let them walk. You say, “OK” when they tell you they can’t fit it in their schedule. And oh, the best one, you actually believe them when they use the “I need to talk to my spouse” objection. They will use every single excuse to NOT start exercising. It is my job as a fitness sales expert and creator of Sales Skills for Personal Trainers sales webinars and workshops to show you how to get past the procrastination and help you help them to see that two things will happen today. Either they will walk out that door, once again and never get to their goals and continue to procrastinate OR, they will enroll, start getting results and be successful like all of your other clients.

Listen, it’s simple. Sales can be the easiest job in the world but only if you know how properly overcome every objection you will face (and I’ve heard them all). It is my job to help you to learn the sales skills necessary to just simply close more deals. Sales is fun. If it is NOT fun, you are not being mentored and taught by the right sales leader.

Enroll today in the 4-part webinar series called 8 Sales Skills Every Personal Trainer Must Master and learn the best ways to an effective “sales geared” client consultation, the top 5 objections to overcome prior to pricing, strategies of emotional selling and finding the why and more.  Once you master these sales skills, you will be gaining new clients with ease and changing and saving more lives. Isn’t that why we do what we do?

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