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Setup for Success: Top 10 Business Secrets of Super-Successful Personal Trainers

The market for personal fitness services has gradually been shifting in the 21st Century, as technology has introduced multiple options for access to training, and traditional activities like cardio, Group X and weight training have had to make room for a broader spectrum of exercise options like yoga, CrossFit and Functional Training. Yet one-on-one training is still the best way for clients to get in shape and reach their goals, and smart personal trainers can capitalize on PT’s successful track record by adhering to a few simple rules.

Top 10 Secrets to Success

  1. The Proof is in the Pudding. If your clients succeed, you succeed. All the advertising and marketing in the world cannot come close to the word-of-mouth of satisfied and successful clients. Go for the goals, and let your success speak for itself.
  1. Never Judge a Prospective Client: It is easy to make assumptions based on appearances, but they can be deceiving. Don’t put people on a budget based on what you assume they can afford. Make your sales pitch about results, and let your client  worry about the money.
  1. Your Fees Reflect Your Value. Offering below-market bargain rates may attract a certain client demographic, but not the kind that keeps coming back for more. Meanwhile, you will have a hard time making ends meet if you undercharge. If you value yourself and your services, charge what you are worth.
  1. Compliance Equals Success for both you and your client. Showing up consistently is key to achieving goals. Charge your clients for missed sessions and don’t let them make excuses, or you will both fail.
  1. Stay out of the friend zone. All that personal one-on-one time inevitably leads to closer relationships, but you need to draw a line between business and friendship if you want to succeed as a professional. 
  1. It’s not about you. Every minute of every session should be focused on helping your client succeed. Venting or oversharing about your personal life will quickly erode any professional boundaries, and make it harder to manage your client lineup.
  1. Clients Cheat and Lie About It. The sin of omission is common in personal training. If your client has plateaued, go back to their behavior contract and make sure they are fulfilling their end of the agreement.
  1. Go for the long game. Fitness is a process, and there are no short cuts. Sell long-term packages and set realistic goals. 
  1. Be an Innovator. Individualized programming is key to putting the “personal” in personal training. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box to help your clients succeed.
  1. If you fake it, you’ll never make it. Education is ongoing, especially in a rapidly evolving field like fitness. Stay up to date on the latest trends and research. Keep your certs current, and get as much continuing education as you can, or you will choke on your competitors’ dust. 

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