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Sharing is Caring: The Faces of Social Media

Viewer-Centric Posting

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Posting on social media to promote your services is a smart and modern approach to marketing. But when you post, are you thinking only of your message, or are you considering the recipients? Thinking about the types of people who will view, like and share your post should be an important consideration when designing a meme, writing an article or creating a video. By factoring the potential viewer into the creative mix, you will be less likely to offend, and more likely to maximize your social media presence.

Trans-Generational Appeal

In its early days, social media began as a fun way for young people to interact with friends and classmates over the internet. However, the social media of today reaches across all generations, providing a convenient way for friends and family members to stay in touch. When you create your posts, consider that anyone from children to elders may see them. Even though your target demographic may fit into a specific age range, you cannot predict who might view and share your posts.

Diverse Messaging

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In order to reach as many people as possible with your message, be careful to use graphics that appeal to a diverse audience. If all of your images include light-skinned people with blue eyes, you may be unintentionally sending a message that you are only interested in serving people who identify with that genotype. Likewise, using only images of young people may send a message that your services do not extend to older adults.

Friends with Benefits

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You can reward your social media friends for sharing your marketing posts by offering promotional prize drawings. Set up your account so that when your post is “liked” and shared, the sharer’s name is entered into the contest. Alternatively, direct viewers to your social media page to enter the contest. Be sure to clearly define the beginning and end dates, and have your prize shipped in a timely manner. Then, with the winner’s permission, create a post announcing the contest’s outcome.


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