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Social Network: Using Social Media to Market Your Services

Spreading the Word

Whether you work in a studio or gym, or you take your business on the road, your success as a fitness professional depends on the size of your client base. Gaps in your appointment book can take a bite out of your paycheck. Rather than bemoaning your lame lineup, get cracking with a marketing strategy. Social media marketing is one of the hottest trends for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and it’s at your fingertips at no cost to you.

Its All About the Face

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The Facebook demographic is aging, and many younger people are jumping ship in favor of other social media sites. But for fitness professionals, the demographic shift can be a cash cow. Fitness consumers who buy personal training and other professional services fit right into the new face of Facebook. By creating your own professional Facebook page, you can drive customers to your door through savvy posts that provide information while advertising your services. Infographics, memes and video clips can all be used to get the public’s attention.

Give Your Face a Voice

If you want to broadcast your services, a weekly podcast may be a lucrative and fun marketing strategy. According to the “Social Media Examiner,” podcasting is a hot and growing trend in social media marketing. During a podcast, you can take calls and receive texts from listeners who want to know more about your services. Invite clients as guests to rave about their results, or feature local fitness celebrities to draw a larger audience. Before long, you will become a celebrity in your own right.

Polish Your Public Image

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Social media has enormous potential as an inexpensive and productive marketing platform. However, there is a tradeoff. If you frequent social media to post silly pictures of your cat or to spout off about politics, you may have to do an image overhaul. Professionalism means leaving much of your personal life out of the picture, and staying on topic with more conservative posts. There are plenty of options when it comes to online social media, so choose an alternative platform for your personal interactions, and present yourself as a true professional on the sites with the greatest marketing potential.


Marketing, whether through social media or other formats, can seem overwhelming. W.I.T.S. offers guidance and solutions through our Fitness Business Institute, with dozens of courses on sales and marketing geared specifically to the fitness industry. Get started now to launch your marketing campaign for the new year!
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Social Media Marketing Trends Gaining Traction in 2015: New Research

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