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The Best High-Impact Workouts To Recommend Your Clients

For shedding calories and building muscles quickly, high-impact workouts are the best option. These workouts help reduce fat and have many beneficial impacts on the body, such as improved cardio health, blood circulation, and oxygen absorption. The idea behind high-impact workouts is to get your clients to do short but demanding workouts to get their heart rate up, followed by an equal rest period before the next set.

The main issue with these HIIT workouts is that, as a personal trainer, you’ll need to come up with different exercises that retain your client’s interest. Otherwise, they’ll not achieve their desired results. Moreover, these workouts require a lot of energy, so you’ll need to plan a proper diet for your clients as well. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you figure out some creative ways to introduce your clients to high-impact workouts.

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Benefits Of High Impact Workouts

The biggest benefit of high-impact exercise is that it burns calories faster than any other workout in the shortest amount of time. Moreover, it can stimulate the metabolic rate for several hours after doing the exercises, allowing the body to prevent fat accumulation.

Besides that, increased cardiovascular activity improves oxygen absorption in the body and brain while improving blood circulation. Another great benefit of HIIT is that it can reduce blood sugar, lowering the chances of diabetes or allowing diabetic patients to control their blood sugar. Lastly, HIIT workouts can increase lung capacity in some cases due to increased cardio activity.

Easy HIIT Workouts

Jump Rope

Jumping rope combines all aspects of a proper HIIT workout into one. Unlike other exercises, it’s also fun and challenging to do, which will increase the interest of your clients and help them achieve better results. The benefits of jumping rope include faster calorie burn, but instead of targeting one area, this workout the entire body burn fat.

Moreover, it’s a fast workout, so it can get your client’s heart rate up in no time and improve their cardio activity. This, in turn, improves heart health and builds endurance in clients. An important factor of this workout is that it uses the brain to maintain focus and coordination, which means the brain cells absorb more oxygen and improve cognitive activity.

Squats And Pushups

If you’re the kind of trainer who likes to make your own workout routines, then combining pushups and squats is a great option to recommend to your clients. Pushups work on the upper body and core strength, while the squats combined with lunges work out the lower body.

It’s generally recommended to do pushups first to get the heart rate up because squats don’t affect the cardio activity much. You can even add a few filler exercises such as jump rope or running to improve your client’s cardio activity before getting to the main workout.

Normally, in HIIT, squats, pushups, and lunges go hand in hand, one after the other, with a little rest period in between. Your clients should be able to do 10 to 15 reps per set and 5 to 6 sets for each workout.

Weight Training

Weight training isn’t a part of HIIT workout. In fact, it’s a completely different form of workout. However, these days, trainers have gotten creative and found a way to combine HIIT with weight training to give clients improved results. Since weight training is heavily dependent on endurance, combining it with easier and milder HIIT exercises is better to get the best results.

For example, you can combine weight training with squats, cycling, or even jump rope to increase the cardio activity, then use the weight training to burn fat and sculpt the body. This workout, however, isn’t for everyone. So you’ll need to assess your client’s fitness level before you recommend it to them.


Burpees are a combination of intense exercises that are combined to create a HIIT workout session. The exercise itself combines aerobic training and strength training and uses different postures to work the cardio, legs, and the upper body. A simple HIIT burpee workout can include pullups and jumping jacks with at least 60 reps.

That’s because the exercise on its own can’t get the heart rate up to the level of a HIIT workout, but with the addition of more reps, it can be converted into a HIIT workout. But to recommend burpees to your clients, you’ll first need to ensure that your clients have good endurance levels and agility to keep up with quick-changing movements.

Sprinting Workout

Sprinting is a great option for clients who want to boost their athletic abilities with HIIT workouts. Combining sprinting with other HIIT workouts doubles the outcomes and burns fat even faster.

Sprinting for 30 seconds followed by squats, jump rope, and lunges is a perfect workout for your athletic clients. The sprint portion of the workout increases the cardio activity while the rest of the exercises target different areas of the body to burn fat and tone it.

Battle Rope Workout

The battle rope is a popular and present in almost all gyms these days. The idea behind battle ropes is to target the upper body of the clients and increase their strength. The ropes are secured from one end, and the clients can use the other end for a workout.

There are several variations of battle rope workouts, but most of them give the same results. The size and weight of the ropes allow them to increase the client’s cardio activity, but you’ll need to add a few other exercises like burpees or cycling to it to create a complete HIIT workout.

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