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What Are The Main Types Of Fitness Training?

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As the fitness industry is developing, the one size fits all approach isn’t good enough. People these days want more personalized approaches to their fitness. As a result, the fitness industry has divided itself into several niches. Getting different certifications will help trainers boost their careers and expand their services. As a personal trainer, you can cater to different clients and their unique needs if you’re aware of the different fitness practices.

Besides that, having multiple fitness certifications makes it easier for you to design workout programs keeping in mind the physical and medical needs of clients such as senior citizens. This is why we’ve created this blog to help you understand different types of fitness training so you can advance your skills and career. Additionally, if you want to explore different fitness training programs, take a look at the course catalog offered by W.I.T.S. Education.

What Is Fitness Training?

Fitness training includes all kinds of physical activities that boost one’s physical fitness. These can be regular activities like running or jogging or specially designed activities that target certain areas and help people achieve their desired fitness levels. Generally, fitness training consists of several parts from start to finish and can include conventional and unconventional training methods.

However, some fitness training methods revolve around clients’ specific needs, such as medical fitness and youth fitness. These programs can be diverse but have to stay within certain limits to ensure the client’s health isn’t jeopardized, which is why personal trainers need to pay special attention when designing workout programs.

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Types Of Fitness Training

Personal Training

To offer personal training services, you’ll need a certification demonstrating that you have achieved a certain level of competency, allowing you to create different workout programs and work with a diverse range of clients. Personal trainers go beyond the constraints of a gym and offer workout programs to clients tailored to their unique needs.

This enables the trainers to charge a premium price for their services. Personal trainers can design exercise programs, bodybuilding programs, weight loss programs, or general fitness programs so that clients stay in shape. On the other hand, clients prefer personal trainers because they can work the client’s schedule instead of the other way around.

Youth Fitness Training

Youth fitness is a relatively new field. In the past, not much effort was directed to helping kids and young adults stay fit, but now with the changing lifestyles, youth fitness has become an emerging field. In youth, you’ll be trained to work with the kids and help them understand their needs so they can stay physically fit without hurting their bodies.

This is why in youth fitness training, trainers learn more about unconventional workout methods such as running or sports because these workout programs don’t feel like a burden to the kids, and they can easily perform them. Another thing trainers need to learn is how to work with kids. Since kids can be temperamental, the trainer’s job is to convince them to go through with the training without using force.

Senior Fitness Training

Like youth fitness, senior fitness training is another niche in the fitness world. As the world’s population is aging, it’s becoming increasingly important to encourage senior citizens to stay on top of their fitness so they can become active members of society. But training senior citizens with various health issues and poor physical fitness is a challenge.

This is why trainers who specialize in senior fitness learn how to effectively design light but effective workout programs for senior citizens. Not just that, but their workout programs need to cater to their physical or medical limitations. People with high blood pressure can’t exercise regularly, and people with weak bones can’t do longer workouts. This is why senior fitness training is all about finding the balance between it all.

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Group Exercise Training

Group fitness training refers to all forms of fitness training done in a group setting led by a group instructor. This training differs from regular fitness training because it doesn’t focus on offering personalized approaches for each person. Instead, it focuses on creating a generalized exercise program that each group member can easily follow.

The major benefit of group exercise is that it motivates the members to try harder by looking at the other members. Generally, group exercise sessions are focused on aerobic and strength-based exercises, but you can create groups for almost all kinds of workouts, granted you can manage them.

Medical Fitness Training

Medical fitness training is a version of occupational therapy focusing more on fitness. Medical fitness programs are more suited for medical professionals that have a certain knowledge of the medical field. The trainers learn to develop effective exercise programs for clients with physical, cardiovascular, and neurological issues or disorders that prevent them from using their body functions properly.

Moreover, the trainers also learn how to assess the client’s fitness levels and design programs within their endurance levels. Unlike other fitness programs, medical fitness isn’t focused on pushing clients to their limits. Instead, it focuses on improvements in their health.

Wellness Training

As the name suggests, wellness training focuses more on wellness and fulfillment through exercise. In this training, the trainers focus on making lifestyle changes for their clients so they can lead more fulfilling lives. This is why the trainers learn to work on exercise, mindfulness, nutrition, and social connectedness to enable their clients to achieve healthier minds and bodies. Trainers who complete the wellness and lifestyle certification are called lifestyle coaches and aren’t as heavily focused on exercises as others.

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