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Your Logo, Your Name, Keys to Your Success! Entrepreneurial Excellence Part 2

As you know, June is Entrepreneurial Excellence Month at W.I.T.S. and our goal is to share some tips on how to be successful fitness industry entrepreneurs. We started talking about the importance of having a clear mission and setting short and long term goals. Many of you got a chance to practice these skills in our Business Success Skills course and our Fitness Management Certification. This has been a great opportunity for all of us and particularly, our new Personal Trainer Certification graduates, to establish a business plan and direction! Remember, if you don’t know where you are going, you’ll never know when you’ve arrived—nor will you know how to get there.

Now that you have your mission statement and goals, I want to share some ideas about establishing your brand identity. We talk about this extensively in our Insider Secrets to Advertising and Marketing class. Specifically, we work on developing our brand by making sure we have the best name and logo to represent our business.

So, I turn this over to you. Please share your business name and logo with us by responding to this blog. This will not only give you a chance to get your name out there and do a little FREE self-promotion, but will help our new fitness professionals develop their own brand identity. Tell us your business name. Upload your logo and tell us about what it represents to you and to your customers. We are hoping to get enough examples set in to have a contest next month! Free gifts and prizes to the most creative logo—and all of our followers will be judges! Who knows, YOU may be the winner!

I look forward to hearing from you!


Oh, by the way—July is Sales Strategies Success Month so beginning June 1 through August 1 we are giving away a free online Sales class! Email us at to find out how to get your free class!

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9 thoughts on “Your Logo, Your Name, Keys to Your Success! Entrepreneurial Excellence Part 2

  1. This is a great concept to share for all of us to consider. I have seen so many wild logo’s and “slogans” by trainer businesses that confuse or challenge prospects in a negative way. I think inadvertently they do more harm than good for the image of the company. Try to put together a panel of folks to view your logo and slogan to get their insights. Heck, give them 2 or 3 options and let them choose. How you or I view things is not necessarily what the general public’s view. Does your image project your mission statement and goals? Find out in a logical business like process with the panel. The more eyes that see it and give you their views, the more you will know if you hit the target.

    1. Great ideas, Jay! Sometimes WE know what image we want to convey when we establish our business name and brand identity–but others may not interpret it the same way. Always good to test things out and get feedback!

  2. I would be happy if i could find a place in this blog to upload my logo

    1. Hi Armin, Thanks for the message! We just added a link to “upload media” so you can now upload your logo! We look forward to seeing it and hearing about your business!

  3. Hello,
    Susan Meredith Fitness Enterprises, LLC. is my business name and I just recently had my logo completely redesigned by a friend of mine. She wanted to incorporate a little about me so my clients would get to know a little about me. I loves wolves and the wolf represents leadership, I also specialize in Boot Camps so the camouflage design in my name says it all. The colors are turquoise and black. I wear turquoise jewelry all the time.

    1. Hi Susan! Thanks so much for sharing! You obviously put a lot of thought into your design and the logo looks great!! I love the colors and camouflage!

      1. I love the colors Susan. The paw prints offer a subliminal about following a path one step at a time. It has pop and the wolf is very distinctive for people to remember you. I think it was important to note the fitness coach, so prospects are aware of what you will do for them with your services. Nice!!

  4. Thank you Amy and Jay. I was very excited to see it all come together and waiting anxiously to see it on my new website that should be up and running in a few days. I do have to thank Krenzlak Technologies for helping me with the logo and web design. I believe the cursor on the website is a wolf also.
    Thank you again for your comments.
    Sue Meredith

  5. You Body Achieves what your Mind Believes.

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