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Complaints & Concerns

Complaints & Concerns

For all complaints or concerns as it relates to certification issues, please follow these guidelines below. 

Complaint Submission

Complaints may be submitted by any individual or entity. Complaints should be reported to W.I.T.S. Certification Council in writing and should include the name of the person submitting the complaint, the name of the person the complaint is regarding, along with other relevant identifying information, a detailed description of factual allegations supporting the charges, and any relevant supporting documentation. Information submitted during the complaint and investigation process is considered confidential and will be handled in accordance with W.I.T.S. Certification Council’s confidentiality policy.

The W.I.T.S. Certification Council is not obligated to return any documentation submitted for the complaint and investigation process.

Preliminary Review

Upon receipt and preliminary review of a complaint involving the certification program, the Certification Director, in consultation with the Council Chair, may conclude, in his/her sole discretion, that the submission:

  • contains unreliable or insufficient information, or
  • is patently frivolous or inconsequential.

In such cases, the Certification Director and Council Chair may determine that the submission does not constitute a valid and actionable complaint that would justify bringing it before the Certification Council for investigation and a determination of whether there has been a violation of substantive requirements of the certification process. If so, the submission is disposed of by notice from the Certification Director and Council Chair to its submitter, if the submitter is identified. All such preliminary dispositions by the Council Chair are reported to the Certification Council at its next meeting.

Preliminary review will be conducted within 15 business days of receipt of the complaint.

If a submission is deemed by the Certification Director and Council Chair to be a valid and actionable complaint, the Council Chair will see that written notice is provided to the certificant whose conduct has been called into question. The certificant whose conduct is at issue will also be given the opportunity to respond to the complaint. The Chair also will ensure that the individual submitting the complaint receives notice that the complaint is being reviewed by the Certification Council.

Complaint Review

For each compliant that the Chair concludes is a valid and actionable complaint, the Certification Council authorizes an investigation into its specific facts or circumstances to whatever extent is necessary in order to clarify, expand, or corroborate the information provided by the submitter.

Other unrelated certification issues please contact customer service. Complaints can be submitted in writing via mail, by emailing or by calling our customer service line at 888-330-9487. During normal business hours, students can expect to receive a response within 24 hours.

Refund Policy

  • Our online courses are non-refundable once they are purchased and accepted or engaged on the Learning Management System. [CANVAS]
  • A student may request a course change if the item was selected by mistake and no assignments have been used or completed. The request for an exchange must come within the first module or 30 days to student services by contacting Again no refund will be issued but likely the exchange is at no cost if the course was never engaged online.  An exchange or transfer can take place at that time.
  • The course transfer or exchange must be of equal value although an upgrade is allowable with the price difference paid.
  • If a hardback textbook is purchased from the W.I.T.S. Store it may only be returned if unopened from the plastic and returned at the learner’s expense.  All other publishers returns must follow their policies.
  • The online eBooks are not returnable.