Q & A: What is the NCCA accreditation and why is it important for W.I.T.S.?

  1. NCCA Accreditation seal for Certified Personal Trainer courseWhat is the NCCA? NCCA stands for National Commission for Certifying Agencies. Established in 1987 by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, the NCCA is an independent, non-governmental agency that sets the standard for professional certification programs via NCCA accreditation. Their focus is to ensure programs follow the health, welfare, and safety standards to provide quality programs to the public. W.I.T.S. NCCA accredited Certified Personal Trainer course meets the standards set by the NCCA for both PRACTICAL SKILLS & WRITTEN CORE KNOWLEDGE. This makes W.I.T.S. an employer favorite since they are the ONLY certification doing so in the industry.
  1. Why is the NCCA accreditation important and does it affect me? The NCCA accreditation is the leading standard for certification programs. It enhances trust in the certification to ensure the trainer is current and competent in the fitness field.
  1. How does the NCCA accreditation help me as a personal trainer? Being a personal trainer certified with an NCCA accreditation sets you apart as a qualified fitness professional associated with other professions and occupations including nurses, physical therapist, financial professionals, respiratory therapist, counselors, emergency technicians and more. Having the NCCA accredited personal trainer certification ensures employers that you have the highest level of credibility for training clients. In many cases employers will increase your pay to acknowledge this additional credential.

NCCA Accredited Certified Personal Trainer Course

  1. What is so special about W.I.T.S. NCCA accreditation vs. other certifications in the industry? Other certification groups only received accreditation for the written exam. Personal Training, Group Exercise Older Adult specialists are about working with your hands and client relations for safe and effective results.  Books alone only get you half way there.  Who would want a dentist or EMT that had no practical skill competencies that they were tested on for performance?  W.I.T.S. went out and got the accreditation for the Personal Trainer exams on both parts so our trainers can perform and employers know it!!  This is how you become the best and succeed in this career.
  1. What process does NCCA go through in accrediting a certification, such as W.I.T.S. Certified Personal Trainer Level 1? The NCCA uses a peer review process to, establish accreditation standards, evaluate compliance with the standards, recognize programs that demonstrate compliance, and serve as a resource on quality certification. They ensure the following when evaluating a certification:
    • The certification is an appropriate measure of knowledge and skills
    • The exam process followed confidentiality protocols to be fair and unbiased
    • The organization supports its professionals
  1. What if I was certified before the NCCA Accreditation? Unfortunately, the NCCA accreditation is not directly part of your certification credential, however you are eligible to retake the approved accredited exams to be a NCCA accredited personal trainer through our test out option.

Bonus Information:  W.I.T.S. courses are offered at colleges and universities across the US, Canada and in some other countries.  A Fitness Industry first is that W.I.T.S. certifications have college credits towards degrees through the American Council on Education and are accredited by the International Association of Continuing Education & Training.