Sales Skills for Fitness Professionals

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We are excited to announce a new partnership with Sales Skills for Fitness Professionals, the sales training seminar and webinar organization designed to help you become more sales savvy and gain more clients, just in time for the upcoming 2021 new year and busy weight loss season.

Beginning on Saturday, January 9th at 9am, a fitness industry expert is offering “Virtual Sales Skills for Personal Trainers” good for 5 WITS CEU’s. These webinars are designed to help support your sales skillset during these “at-home” times as sales is a skill to learn and practice, even if virtual.

And, as a WITS student you will receive a $10 savings if you enroll before 12/30/20. Pass along this message to a non-WITS Personal Trainer and gift them the $10 savings by enrolling by the deadline.

Space is limited to the first 20 registrations to ensure best learning experience.


Sales Skills for Fitness Professionals will host 4 virtual sales skills webinars via Zoom, all with the same content, but held at different times for the entire month of January, just in time for the busy weight loss selling season. Each webinar will focus on one aspect of sales including finding the “why”, overcoming objections, best closing the sale strategies and more. This workshop is 4 hours with lots of interaction and Q&A and is only limited to 20 personal trainers for optimal learning.


The workshop starts on Saturday, January 9th at 9am and runs every Saturday through January. Each workshop covers the same content, just pick a good day and time for you.

The dates and times are as follow:

  1. Saturday, January 9th, 9am-1pm
  2. Saturday, January 16th, 10am-2pm
  3. Saturday, January 23rd, 11am-3pm
  4. Saturday, January 30th, 12noon-4pm


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Client Consultations: Students will understand the various ways of conducting client consultations, improving communication, and building rapport both virtually and in-person.

The Why is Why They Buy: The longest piece of our agenda, as it is the most important skill to learn in fitness sales. Students will understand the concept of “the why is why they buy” and be able to successfully identify the “why” in all clients during the rapport building stage and use to their selling advantage without sounding salesy by reciting 4 specific questions that help elicit the “why” in a client, hit emotional triggers and more.

NPTSM: Students will be able to identify and recite verbatim the acronym NPTSM as Needs, Procrastination, Time, Spouse, and Money as the top 5 objections that must be overcome prior to pricing a client.

Break: Students will vote to whether to take one 30-minute break, two 15-minute breaks. Majority rules.

Qualifying Questions: Students will comprehend and define what a Qualifying Question is and the importance of it before, during consultations and during pricing.

Overcoming Objections: Students will be able to quickly identify and comfortably overcome the top 7 objections they face with every sale using the NPTSM model and the set of “chops” (or comebacks) they have learned to overcome and keep control of the sale.

Pricing and Closing: Students will understand various ways of pricing a client to show the prices in the clearest most concise way for every client without confusion. Students will also be able to successfully close more sales by understanding how to ask for the sale and which closing statement to use for any given situation.


If you didn’t already, go ahead and register here: Then, simply add the webinar dates to your calendar along with the Zoom invite and you’re all set. It’s that simple!