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Exclusive W.I.T.S. Certification Renewal Courses & Workshops
(All count towards W.I.T.S. CEU requirements)

Approved W.I.T.S. Vendor
(count towards renewal CEC’s but not the required 1 Exclusive W.I.T.S. CEU program.)
Approved W.I.T.S. Educational Vendors
SPECIAL NOTE:  W.I.T.S vendors count as renewal CEC’s.  They do not count for the Exclusive W.I.T.S. CEU.)

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Additional Tools of the Profession


Programs and Textbooks purchased during normal business hours MondayThursday 9am to 4pm EST are processed the same day upon receipt of payment notification through Pay Pal. Did you know you can get the same textbooks at the Human Kinetics publisher and or Amazon textbooks in many cases for the same price or less.  Ask us how we can help.

SPECIAL NOTE: All courses and programs ordered outside normal business hours of MondayThursday 9am-4pm EST will be processed on our next business day. This includes W.I.T.S. Online Programs, Textbooks, and Vendor orders. Extensions to W.I.T.S. online courses available for fee. Contact our office during business hours for details.

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