Mastering Your Financial Future as a Fitness Professional – 2 CECs



If you are a fitness professional who wants to build financial security, this course is for you.  Mastering Your Financial Future as a Fitness Professional is an introductory sales course for personal training professionals.   You will gain a general understanding of the business aspect of the fitness industry while providing the necessary skills to guide fitness professionals to a successful financial future.  This course is approved for 2 CECs/ 0.2 IACET CEUs.

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Learn & Apply the most effective method for creating opportunities using the Set, Show, Sell Philosophy. 
  2. Identify the 9 steps of mastering the assessment process to build your business.
  3. Identify & Apply a mathematical approach to understanding and achieving revenue goals using 3 critical concepts.
  4. Develop the knowledge & skills required for professional success.
Online Course Access Statement
All of our online courses have 6 month full 24/7 access to complete your online program.  The experience is awesome, simple and very digestible for the novice fitness enthusiast.