Dumbbell Training for Increased Muscle Size and Power – 2 CECs



Training for increases in muscle size and power is a common goal among people who lift weights. Learn how to help your clients efficiently train for increased muscle size and power by manipulating just a few of the training variables. Utilizing dumbbells in a training program has a multitude of advantages. Learn how to design a workout specifically for your client based on their individual needs. Sample workouts provided.

Martha Swirzinski Course Developer: Martha Swirzinski, Ed.D.

Martha Swirzinski, Ed.D. has been a W.I.T.S. Certified Personal Trainer since 1994 and has experience working in various roles pertaining to the health and fitness industry. Martha has her Master’s degree in Kinesiology and her Doctorate in curriculum and instruction. In teaching theory and practical skills for over 20 years with W.I.T.S. and a local Virginia university, she brings a lot of real life information to be a solid fitness leader in any community.

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