W.I.T.S. Trainer of the Month – Lori Young

W.I.T.S. Trainer
of the Month

Lori Young

February 2018

Name: Lori Young

Where Do You Live: Montrose, CO

When Did You Get Certified: Nov. 2017

Where Did You Get Certified: Butler, PA

Why Did Your Choose WITS: In person practical labs were an important component for me as well as quality studying materials, and affordable price! WITS exceeded my instructor expectations and went above and beyond during the length of my course to assist me with all of my questions and needs.

What Do You Like Most About Being a Personal Trainer: I get to change lives and create a culture of health and wellness on a daily basis! My clientele is eclectic and varied. And they teach me things! So important to remember it goes both ways- we train them, we provide them a service; however there is no limit to the wealth of knowledge you will receive from working one on one with each client. I love my job!