W.I.T.S. Trainer of the Month – Tom Rutherford

W.I.T.S. Trainer
of the Month

Tom Rutherford

Where Do You Live: Dallas, TX
When Did You Get Certified: 2005 – Ballys, 2009 – Cooper Institute & 2014 – WITS
Where Did You Get Certified: Richland College

What Did Your Do Before Getting Certified: B.S. in Special Education
What’s The Best Part About Being Certified by WITS: The internship allowed
me to practice what I learned in the class.room. The instructor was extremely
knowledgeable and accessible which allowed me to feel comfortable and ask
questions to get the most out of my classroom experience. The in-class and
n-gym course work helped me put into effectively put my new skills to work.

Is Personal Training a Full or Part-Time Job For You: Full Time
Where Do Your Work: Owner/Coach Truth Prep aka Truth Supplements & Contest
Prep LLC http://www.truthprep.com

What Do You Like Most About Being a Personal Trainer: I like being able
to help people surpass their physical, mental, and spiritual dreams by helping them grow
wholly versusvphysically. My true passion is training for bodybuilding championships,
but when I get calls from customers thanking me for helping them change their life
and start a new lifestyle it means the world to me. I also became a Stephen’s Minister
through church allowing me to listen to people and help them formulate answers to their
own life problems. You’d be amazed the type of things that people feel comfortable telling
you after you build such a strong relationship with them through personal training.

Tom’s Bio:
– Thomas Rutherford has been professionally training for the past
– 16 years of professional training
– Over 8500 hours of floor time working with individuals of all ages, abilities and goals.
– Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education with ESOL Endorsement,
– Personal Trainer Certificate from the Cooper Institute,
– Senior Fitness Certification
– Level 2 certification from World Instructor Training School.
– Food Manager certification (Tom can create nutritional plans and cook for clients to fit their
specific dietary needs and goals)
– 3 overall titles & 6 national qualifications in bodybuilding and classic physique
– Winner of the overall Open Classic Physique title at the 2017 Heart of Texas.
– Currently training for the 2017 nationals in Miami to obtain his professional status

Additional Info About Tom:
Tom offers full contest prep services for all divisions and physique leagues, Tom has helped
numerous individuals gain their national qualifications and a professional natural status.
Rutherford has also helped a winter Olympian make the US Bobsled team due
to his training services and nutritional counseling both online and in person. He has
worked with many professionals in the fitness industry including Mr. Olympia Frank Zane,
Brian Dobson of Metroplex Arlington, Sheila “Flexxy Brown”, and Prince Harrison
of Optimum Fitness to expand his knowledge base and help his clients with
their personal journey.

Contact Info:
Instagram: #truthprep