Differences Between Fitness Trainers and Personal Trainers

Differences Between Fitness Trainers and Personal Trainers

Nowadays, the fitness industry is crowded with health coaches and fitness experts who claim to offer extraordinary services. People fall for these so-called experts in a bid to get faster results.

However, in reality, entering the fitness world and offering a service is not that easy. Trainers require proper training or experience to be considered credible enough to work with clients. However, there are classifications of trainers to help categorize the services available in the fitness industry.

People interested in becoming a part of the fitness industry can either go for the certified personal trainer route or get enough experience and training to become fitness trainers. The line between the two is often blurred, but that does not mean fitness trainers and personal trainers become one and the same. This is why we created this guide to differentiate the two.

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Who Are Fitness Trainers?

As the name suggests, fitness trainers are instructors who help people achieve better fitness levels. Fitness trainers instruct people while exercising, help them maintain a better form, and teach them how to use different exercise equipment. Fitness trainers may specialize in some form of exercise, so they might offer a more personalized approach to the clients.

For example, they can be aerobics instructors, yoga instructors, or weightlifting coaches. However, they aren't full-fledged trainers, so they are commonly hired as support staff in gyms and fitness centers. This is because they do not have the relevant license. Additionally, you do not need specialized certifications to become a fitness trainer. Relevant experience would be enough to land a job.


Career Options for Fitness Trainers

Gym Instructors

The most common career path for fitness trainers is becoming gym instructors. This role allows them to get some administrative control while offering fitness training. Gym instructors help new members start their workout routines and help them understand how different equipment works.

Moreover, they also lead specialized exercise classes in the gym, such as yoga or Pilates. Besides the workouts, gym instructors must ensure that the day-to-day gym activities run smoothly. This includes monitoring the staff, checking the new client membership rate, looking after the equipment, and reporting any broken or malfunctioning equipment.

Exercise Instructors

Besides gym instructors, fitness trainers can also become exercise instructors. Common exercising doesn’t require a license, so you’re good to go as long as you have enough experience working with clients. Exercise instructors offer different exercise classes to clients, such as aerobics, HIIT, outdoor workouts, or yoga.

Their job is to offer minimalist training to the clients so they can keep up with their fitness goals without going for a more personalized approach. But exercise instructors must keep in mind to avoid clients with special medical needs because they’ll require a license to train them.

Fitness Coaches

Fitness coaches do a little bit more than just make exercise plans. They also keep track of the client’s diet and other physical activities. In simple terms, a fitness coach analyses the client’s current fitness levels and uses common exercises and simple diet plans to help them reach their fitness goals. However, you can’t offer extensive diet recommendations as a fitness coach without consulting a nutritionist first.

Additionally, you can’t take on clients with special physical needs because they need specialized exercise programs. Besides that, as a fitness coach, you get a lot of freedom to choose what type of work you want to do, and it also offers many career development opportunities.


Who Are Personal Trainers?

A personal trainer is a fitness trainer who has an NCCA certification and has completed an extensive personal training course. Personal trainers are trained in different exercise forms. They also get training to help design special diet plans and work with clients with special requirements.

Personal trainers must also design individualized exercise programs for each client instead of using a cookie-cutter approach like fitness trainers. They must also closely monitor each client's progress and modify their exercise programs to better fit the client's needs. Another great thing about becoming a certified personal trainer is that it is easier for them to specialize in different personal health trainer programs to expand their careers.

Career Options for Personal Trainers

Wellness Coach

A personal trainer can get a wellness certification and pivot their careers as a lifestyle wellness coach. Wellness coaches help clients reach their fitness and life goals by incorporating diet, exercise, and mindfulness. These trainers help clients achieve better health by revamping their lifestyles to live more fulfilling lives.

Wellness coaches also pay attention to the client's emotional health by improving their connection with their body and diet. Wellness coaching uses a holistic approach that combines different exercise styles so clients can achieve a better mental and physical stage.

Specialized Fitness Coach

Specialized fitness training such as senior fitness, group exercise, medical fitness, and youth fitness requires proper training before personal trainers cannot train clients. This is why personal trainers are preferred for these types of training because they already have a licensed certification and basic knowledge of many exercise forms.

This makes it easier for them to learn new techniques and train clients with specialized needs. Moreover, clients also prefer credible trainers regarding services like youth fitness and medical fitness because conventional workout programs do not apply to them.

A trainer working with a client

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