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Chronic Illness Practical Programming - 6 CECs

Chronic Illness Practical Programming - 6 CECs

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6 CEC's / Monthly Payment Option

This practical programming online course is part of an advanced certification for fitness professionals and other types of health occupations. This course takes the practical skill programming information from the Medical Fitness Specialist Certification and gives you the opportunity to learn how to prescribe physical activity and/or exercise for clients suffering from common chronic conditions. You will be taught how common chronic conditions affect the human body during exercise, as well as how to take those clients safely and effectively through workouts that help them reach their fitness and lifestyle goals.


  • Prescribe physical activity or exercise for individuals with common chronic conditions.
  • Utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to provide clients with common chronic conditions with quality physical activity options.
  • Evaluate the health status of individuals with chronic conditions or disabilities.
  • Establish a consistent process in which to evaluate new clients with common chronic conditions to give you the information needed to write a safe and effective workout plan specific to that client.
  • Modify existing exercise programming for newly diagnosed individuals, even those who have been a long-term client.
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