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Entrepreneurial Excellence + 1 CEC Webinar Quiz

Entrepreneurial Excellence + 1 CEC Webinar Quiz

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Entrepreneurial Excellence

Presented: June 16 In a day in age fueled with social media self-promotion, gimmicks and cheap quick fix solutions running your own business can be a challenge. The competition is high. Time is precious and promoting, selling and building your brand is a constant necessity to be successful. Many fitness professionals are now independent contractors which means everyone is an entrepreneur! Let’s discover your fitness focal point, build a marketing plan and create a networking launch pad for entrepreneurial excellence!

Presenter: Abby Eastman is has been a WITS faculty member since 2007. She holds a BS and Ms Ed in Exercises Science from Old Dominion University, worked in the private sector with the JCC at all levels and has taught exercise science classes at the university and community college level. Currently she serves as online faculty for WITS and is actively personal training all kinds of clients.

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