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Get Over It! Recovery: The Hottest Trend in Fitness (17) Webinar Quiz

Get Over It! Recovery: The Hottest Trend in Fitness (17) Webinar Quiz

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As a service W.I.T.S. has been providing free webinars to assist our alumni and business partners to be their best in the field. Below is a webinar recording for your use. Play and enjoy the additional information. If you would like the 1 CEC awarded to you then go ahead and purchase this 10 question quiz for the nominal fee of $19.95. Upon purchase, you will be emailed a download link to a pdf file containing a link to your online quiz. We will grade the quiz and return the certificate of completion for scoring an 80% or better. The $19.95 is non refundable and in some cases with the new exciting research some areas may have been modified for accepted practices. Always strive to be up to date and your best for all of our clients. Please call us if you have any questions at 888-330-9487.

Special note: Each webinar has a standalone quiz for $19.95. Only one try is offered per webinar to pass with the 80% pass ration. If you fail the quiz there is no retest. You can purchase another webinar and get a new quiz.

Get Over It! Recovery: The Hottest Trend in Fitness

Presented: August 2017

This month’s theme is all about fitness trends, and right now recovery is not only the hottest trend out there, it is also becoming a lucrative business opportunity! See why athletes and celebrities alike are forking over millions to restore, replenish and recover in ways that are edgy and sometimes controversial. We will discuss the gamut of emerging products and therapies, and how this new industry is being marketed to the masses!

Michelle Matte is a long-time fitness practitioner, writer and blogger. She is also a senior member of the W.I.T.S. faculty.

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