Group Fitness Instructor Foundation Review Course - 9 CECs

Group Fitness Instructor Foundation Review Course - 9 CECs

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Group Fitness Instructor Foundation Course

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9 W.I.T.S. CECs

This informative lecture formatted video based course will provide you with the core knowledge for training group exercise. You will learn about the history and evolution of group exercise and the reasons behind the explosive growth of specialty classes. We will also cover the principles behind designing and leading a safe, effective, and motivating group exercise environment. This course is also a great review and preparation for those interested in taking the Group Fitness Instructor Certification.

Lecture Video Review Topics:

Lecture One: Introduction into Group Exercise (GX) and Cardiovascular Knowledge

Lecture Two: Concepts in Class Design and Muscular Terminology

Lecture Three: Muscle Balance, Customizing GX and Nutrition Education

Lecture Four: Music, Choreography and Cueing

Lecture Five: Cardiorespiratory Training: Step and Kickboxing

Lecture Six: Osteoporosis, Bone Health and GX Modalities

Lecture Seven: Philosophies of Yoga, Pilates, Cycling and Water Aerobics

Lecture Eight: Specialty Classes and Exam Review 

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