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Health Coach Certification

Health Coach Certification

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12 CEC's / Monthly Payment Option

Are you looking to expand and master the key areas of working with clients in a career with the fitness industry? With W.I.T.S., you can get certified as a Health Coach and develop the essential soft skills to direct a long term successful engagement with a client who maybe has failed so many other times with other trainers.  Being a Health Coach is more than engagement.  Learn how to break through and truly help a fellow human being understand and reach their health goals with a satisfying purpose.  (12 CEC's)

The W.I.T.S. Health Coach Certification Course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive foundation of knowledge and techniques to become successful health coach. Our course covers topics such as psychology of behavior change, communication strategies and fitness instruction methodology – just some of the key components necessary to excel in this field!

Our course is also teacher mentored by knowledgeable and experienced industry professionals.  Our professionals have been in the fitness world for decades. With their guidance, you will gain insight into current trends in the fitness occupation and how to best utilize them to launch and expand your career with being a certified health coach.

If you’re ready to take the next step, get certified with the video based Health Coach Certification Course.  Being a coach will open up a lot of new opportunities!

Enrollment starts now with our 24/7 self paced program. 

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In order to successfully complete this course and receive 12 CECs/ 1.2 CEUs, you must complete all modules, participate in all activities, and pass your final written exam with at least a 70% score.

After successfully completing this course, the student will be able to:

1.)  Discuss the origin and evolution of coaching as a profession. 

2.)  Describe the roots of coaching as a profession.

3.)  Identify and discuss the importance of goals, goal setting, and goal attainment.

4.)  Describe the journey of behavior change.

5.)  Explain the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) and its application for health coaching.

6.)  Discuss the key coaching models relating to the change process.

7.)  Explain the importance of coaching agreements.

8.)  Identify the essential components of the coaching agreement.

9.)  Describe the fundamental principles of ethical protocols. 

10.) Summarize the concept of trust and safety as it relates to power and dynamics of the coaching relationship.

11.) Explain presence and the development of voice.

12.)  Discuss the components of active listening, powerful questioning and direct communication.

13.)  Identify appropriate areas of inquiry.

Here is what the Health Coaching Certification course will cover:

  • Understanding the journey of behavior change with key models on the change process
  • Employing inclusive frameworks for working with clients to set and pursue goals and overcome challenges
  • Adhering to ethical protocols, such as how to appropriately respond to clients' identity, environment, values, and beliefs
  • Cultivating trust and safety in the coaching relationship with respect to power and relationship dynamics
  • Establishing presence as a coach and developing a coach’s voice
  • Communicating effectively, with active listening and appropriate areas of inquire

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