Promotion and Sales Basics - 2 CECs

Promotion and Sales Basics - 2 CECs

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Do you struggle with finding the most effective and affordable way to promote your business and reach your target market? Are you uncomfortable with sales? This course is designed to help you determine how to promote and sell your products and services. You will learn about different ways to promote and advertise your business and come up with an effective strategy to help you achieve your business goals. In order to successfully complete this course and earn your  2 CECs, you must complete the online modules, contribute to all discussion posts, complete and submit all assignments and earn 100% on the quiz. The suggested course text is 101 Ways to Improve Your Personal Training Business. Jeremy Koerber and Kathy Bretsch. (2010.) Health Learning.

After completing the Promotion and Sales Basics course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the 4 Ps in the Marketing Mix.
  • Discuss why promotion is important to your business success and compare the different promotional strategies available.
  • Identify sales promotion strategies that you can use to generate business.
  • List options for online marketing and determine which strategies are appropriate for your business.
  • Identify steps to personal selling and closing the deal.

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