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Group Fitness Instructor Certification Course

Group Fitness Instructor Certification Course

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Aspiring fitness professionals who complete this program will receive a Group Fitness Instructor Certification from the W.I.T.S., making them  eligible to become lead groups like a certified group fitness instructors at a gym or health club.

W.I.T.S. certification course is designed with busy people in mind and provides an efficient way to obtain the fitness occupation you desire without the immediate need to attend an in-person program. With courses and lectures available 24/7, you can learn at your own pace and take advantage of mentor support that will help guide you through your certification journey. Optional weekend practical skill labs 4 times a year to assist with role-playing the skills to perfection.

You will learn the fundamentals of how to lead a group, create choreography, use music for movement, properly cue exercises, and deliver inspiring classes that participants love. Our certification course is designed to give you the skills necessary to become an in-demand certified group fitness and to work in-person with personal trainer clients in small groups for a nice fun change up in their workouts.

Take the first step towards joining an elite group of certified fitness instructors! Sign up for W.I.T.S. Group Fitness Instructor Certification Course today and launch your career in the fitness industry! Success is learned and then earned in the field. Register for your course today.


  • Practical labs videos will expand into skill development for functional training, sports conditioning, circuit, boot camp, dance, step, kickboxing and equipment-based class techniques. A mind body class overview in Yoga & Pilates will cap it off so you can incorporate this knowledge into sections of your classes. A valid CPR/AED card must be presented to test. 

  • The test vouchers ($450 value) are included with this program.

      - Prerequisite:  GED or High School Diploma

  • Group Fitness Instructor Certification

    Level 1 – Pass both Written Exam & Practical Skills Exam
    Level 2 – Be a Level 1 Group Fitness Instructor Certified & Complete the 30 Hour   Internship

    Course Format:

    GOLD Package –  Level 1 Group Fitness Instructor Certification

    • Get the entire online review program for the Group Fitness Instructor Certified course all in one place.
    • Veteran subject matter experts / instructors to  mentor you.
    • Get the entire program AT YOUR OWN PACE in the convenience of your home or at work.
    • Includes video lectures.
    • Includes video practical lab demonstrations to learn the essential skills.
    • Includes quizzes to assure your knowledge is solid.
    • Includes discussion boards to share with your mentor’s input & other students.
    • Engage your fellow international community of students worldwide.
    • Includes exam review
    • Includes study tools with beating heart video links and more!
    • Includes the BONUS test vouchers ($450 savings)

    Group Exercise book

  • Contact us to find out Locations and Exam Dates
  • Online Course Access Statement
    All of our online courses have 12-month full 24/7 access to complete your online program.  The experience is awesome, simple and very digestible for the novice fitness enthusiast.

    Course Description: Experience a group fitness course like no other! Optional formats of self-paced online teacher mentored modules or at partnering colleges with 7 weeks in-person to help you to develop skills for leading a group to the best of your ability. The program will include lecture materials, practical lab demonstrations and interactive participation.  Lecture materials will cover the essentials of group exercise history, music, choreography, safety techniques, as well as basic applied science specifically relating to group fitness cardiovascular, muscular, and flexibility health. Practical labs will expand into skill development for functional training, sports conditioning, circuit, boot camp, dance, step, kickboxing, hi-low, aqua, indoor cycling, and equipment-based class techniques. A mind body overview in Yoga & Pilates will cap it off so you can incorporate this knowledge into sections of your traditional class formats. Passing this group fitness course will provide students with a certification and skill set for private & public fitness centers. It is perfect for those passionate about starting a part-time or full-time career in fitness or improving their own exercise experience!

    Special Note: The written and practical test voucher / exams are included in this course on the 7th week.

    Level 1 Certification: Current CPR/AED certification and pass both written and practical certification exams.

    Level 2 Certification: Level 1 plus completion of a 30-hour internship.

    Course Overall Objectives: At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to do the following:

    1. Discuss the evolution of group fitness.
    2. Conduct health-screening assessments appropriate for a group fitness environment.
    3. Determine appropriate and safe exercise movements & intensities.
    4. Apply principles of group cohesion to group fitness.
    5. Safely, incorporate music and sound into a group fitness program.
    6. Describe the basic anatomy as it applies to each class format.
    7. Discuss balancing body mechanics & musculature.
    8. Correctly cue, perform, monitor and design exercises for a group setting.
    9. Demonstrate warm up and cool down movements and stretches.
    10. Apply principles and methods of group exercise to alternative formats such as sport conditioning, functional training, indoor cycling, kickboxing, step aerobics, equipment-based classes, and lifestyle type classes.
    11. Demonstrate motivational strategies to encourage group exercise participation.
    12. Create, demonstrate, and lead a group exercise class with personality, safety, technique, & an expansive knowledge base.


    W.I.T.S. is approved by the American Council on Education has recommended 3 undergraduate academic credits for students who complete the full program including the 30-hour internship.

    Course Textbooks: Methods of Group Exercise Instruction, Second Edition, Carol Kennedy Armbruster & Mary M. Yoke & Group Exercise Cardiovascular Fitness: Optional Supplement Reading from Concepts of Physical Fitness: Active Lifestyles for Wellness, 16th ed.


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