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Personal Safety/Self Defense Instructor Training

Personal Safety/Self Defense Instructor Training

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Empower USA CEC – WITS 20 hours, ACE 2.0, NASM 1.9, NETA 20 hours & has been training and developing personal safety/self-defense instructors since 1990. Empower USA’s personal safety/self-defense instructor training program provides in-depth information, methods, and strategies for personal safety, along with simple, practical, effective, and realistic physical self-defense skills.  

Empower USA’s Online Course for Certified Fitness Professionals:

 Personal benefits - Enhanced personal safety, increased confidence & self-esteem

 Professional benefits

 New training service available for current and potential new clients

 Offer additional training services to private groups, organizations, or corporations

 Increased income potential

 Continuing education credits (CEU/CEC approved) towards fitness re-certifications, and

 Specialty Certification available through Empower USA’s SAFE & STRONG! program Empower USA Personal Safety & Self-Defense Instructor Training Course Content includes, but is not limited to the following information and physical skills training: 20 CECs

 The Four Types of Awareness (mental, emotional, environmental, and physical).  Performance of basic self-defense strategies and techniques, including:

 Effective neutral/defensive stances

 Evasion, Re-Direction and Counter-Striking techniques

 Loosening technique execution for various types of attacks, including chokes, bear hugs, shoulder grabs, hair grabs, headlocks, hammerlocks, arm bars, and more.

 Performance of basic self-defense strategies and techniques against weapons, including Firearm/Handgun, Bladed weapons, and Stick/Club-Type weapons

 Learn/practice basic self-defense strategies, including "Distract and Attack" and much more

 Specific fitness/conditioning training methods to prepare for physical self-defense This course is part of the pre-requisite instructor training for Empower USA’s SAFE & STRONG! program.

Online Course Material includes:  Training Manual  3 Instructor Videos  Online Exam with immediate results 

Important Note – Course must be completed within 3 months of the initial date the customer receives course access. Any exceptions to this required time frame must be granted prior to the expiration date of course access.

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