Programming Concepts for Personal Trainers: A 3-Hour Webinar Series

Programming Concepts for Personal Trainers: A 3-Hour Webinar Series

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All 3 webinars purchased include all 3 recordings & quizzes to use self-paced.
W.I.T.S. introduces a new webinar series. Each webinar includes 1 CEC.

Series Overview

Program 1:

JAM Chart, Four Pillars of Human Movement, and Writing Balanced Workouts Recorded Date: January 28, 2021 at 7pm EST
  • Construct a JAM Chart and understand how learning functional anatomy from this perspective relates to program design.
  • Learn the Four Pillars of Human Movement and how to use it as a formula for writing workouts.
  • Practice writing workouts using these tools and discuss them with the group.

Program 2:

Joint-by-Joint Approach, Lengthen & Strengthen, and Complete Fitness Programs Recorded Date: February 4, 2021 at 7pm EST
  • Learn the Joint-by-Joint Approach and how it relates to keeping clients healthy.
  • Understand the process of Lengthen & Strengthen and how it is the practical application of Joint-by-Joint.
  • Write complete fitness programs that include all of the learned models as well as the work that needs to be done outside of the gym.

Program 3:

Periodization, New Client Interviews, and 5-Star Fitness Recorded Date: February 11, 2021 at 7pm EST
  • Understand Linear and Undulating Periodization Models.
  • Learn and practice how to give a potential client a basic understanding of what their fitness program will look like in the first meeting.
  • Discuss 5-Star Fitness, an aggressive fitness program for the active adult.


Tony Thomas is an award winning fitness educator at the University of Texas at Austin where he's been a WITS instructor for ten years and teaches some of the largest classes in the WITS system. He owns Kilter Fitness in Austin, TX where he has a full-time personal training practice and mentors trainers at all levels.
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