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Safeguarding Shoulder Health with Applications

Safeguarding Shoulder Health with Applications

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Safeguarding Shoulder Health with Applications

1 CEC Webinar - Presented: Feb. 22

The human body is nature’s most sophisticated piece of machinery. Let’s briefly analyze one its most fundamental tasks: movement. Movement is the resultant cascade of neurophysiological functions beginning with the beaconing of efferent signals from the central nervous system to the pools of motor units innervating skeletal muscle. The magnitude and rapidity of force production exhibited during activities of daily living, recreation, and competition are largely improved through resistance training.
It can be deduced from above that strength training can finetune our body, particularly its neuromuscular system.  Let's cover some steps to doing and being better for our clients.
Presenter - Joseph Giandonato, MBA, MS, CSCS
Faculty Member (2010 – 2024) World Instructor Training Schools

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