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The Future of Your Fitness Business - 2 CECs

The Future of Your Fitness Business - 2 CECs

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For the past 50 years, fitness facilities and fitness businesses have followed the same, tired sales models with mixed results. Recently, a new trend of fitness facilities and business models have popped up and are taking the industry by storm. Do you want to learn how to make more money in the fitness industry? If so, then this course is for you!

*This course is approved for 2 CECs and 0.2 IACET CEUS.  To successfully complete this course, you must complete all assignments, discussion posts and quizzes.

Course Textbook

Plummer, Thomas. How to Make More Money in the Fitness Industry: “It’s Time to Make More Money from Fewer Members”. Healthy Learning, 2014.


Course Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Determine if a fitness business model is driven by memberships or other factors.
  • Evaluate if a business plan is based on past success from a different era or based on the reality of the marketplace as it currently exists
  • Begin individualizing the healthy living process for fitness members.
  • Investigate opportunities to add to a business model to offer members a more holistic approach to fitness.
  • Identify common themes of the volume-based model of fitness business.
  • Evaluate the reasons that the volume-based model of fitness is now failing.
  • Compare qualities of the next generation gym with those of the mainstream box chains.
  • Discover revenue strategies that can help offset the temptation of the volume-based model.
  • Differentiate between horizontal- and vertical-positioning as it relates to competition between fitness businesses.
  • Identify the components of a training-centric approach to fitness business.
  • Describe the importance of developing a focus for a fitness business.
  • Identify the ten different fitness niches that currently exist.
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