The Program Design Club - 10% Off Deal of the week

The Program Design Club - 10% Off Deal of the week

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#1 Fitness Professionals Programming Club in the industry.  

The professional exercise & fitness group membership is all about being effective in creating programs based on scientific principles.  The program Design Club has numerous special benefits to inform and enlighten a certified professional trainer in working with clients of all ages and lifestyles. Join today and get your membership fee locked in and grandfathered each year as you renew!!

- Monthly Webinars

- Colleague Private Group Meeting Area

- Corporate / Private Owned clubs get a per trainer discount package!!  Ask us today!

- 1 CEC Formatted Quiz To Renew Certification for each month = 12 CEC's a year

- Templated Workout Forms to use and adapt for all kinds of clients & more...

- Renewable grandfathered option each calendar year.  

  • If joining mid-year, we pro-rate your membership and include previous recordings as a bonus.

What Current Program Design Club Members are Saying!

The Program Design Club offered by WITS is wonderful.  We have had four monthly meetings so far, and I have already gained an incredible amount of knowledge over that four hour investment.  I finally have clarity as how to design a strong exercise routine for my clients.  Just today I presented my first program to a client which utilized so much of the new information I learned. I felt more confident with my decisions as to why I was choosing what. The program offers a great deal of science backed information which allows me to see a road map as to where to start a client and where to go from there.   THIS is what I have needed for a long time! I can't wait to learn the rest of the information that will be presented this year.  What a great investment in my career!”

- Diane Ryda

I am loving the WITS Program Design Club! Ashley is so full of great science based knowledge that has really helped me with my Personal Training. I struggled with where to start with new clients on resistance training. I mostly work with the elderly age clients, but I do have 2 clients that are younger and love to do heavy lifting so I especially liked the session explaining the 1 rep max or 3 rep max for providing a starting point with a client. I had an idea based on things I have read, but Ashley provided information on how to determine that and how it works for all fitness levels! The 1 rep max or the 3 rep max was so helpful and gave me a starting point that I could begin from and move forward with as my clients get stronger. Ashley broke it down and explained how to keep your client challenged, depending on what level your client falls into ( beginner, to advanced athletes) and broke it down for each level. This last session I really loved because she provided information on the number of sets, number of reps, how much weight based on 1 rep max and fitness level, the speed at which you should move your client through while doing each exercise and the amount of time a client should rest between sets!! So glad I joined and look forward to more science based information that I know will help me and my clients reach their goals!!”

-  Marian Lee owner of Commit 2B Fit Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor



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